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The FAA puts their foot down, Wausau Downtown Airport struggles for repair

The FAA puts their foot down, Wausau Downtown Airport struggles for repair

July 8, 2024 1:55 PM CDT

By: Brittney Merlot

WAUSAU, Wis. (WXCO) – Safety issues on the secondary runway threatens closure, now pilots are asked to help.

The Wausau Downtown Airport is almost a century old and now it’s in desperate need for a runway repair.

Visible cracks can be seen up and down the secondary runway and if it doesn’t get fixed, there will be a cause for closure. The red seal they put on a few years ago is wearing off, revealing the original grey slurry seal, ultimately putting pilots safety at risk.

The project is estimated to cost $2 million dollars to lay new asphalt on Runway 5/23. So far the city has told the airport that they are willing to help with the cost, but the Federal Aviation Administration isn’t convinced this project needs to happen.

In fact the FAA is asking for more proof that this airport is busy enough, before they release any funds.

Now the Downtown Wausau Airport is asking for pilots help. This can come in the form of past tracked flight on GPS or taking a trip now from or to the airport.

Runway 5/23 needs at least 500 operations for the FAA to cough up some money. Which include a takeoff or a landing. So with 250 takeoffs and 250 landings, they can get funded for 90% of the costs.

The airport said that they would like to get a new runway by this year, but based on the hurdles so far they hope to have one within 2 years.

If the city chips in it comes to about two percent of taxpayers’ contributions, at around $50,000.

Other area airports are also asking for funding from the FAA for projects as well.


1. Retrieve Your Track Logs: Access your ForeFlight account and locate the track logs for flights using Runway 5/23. We need your files to be in KML format. I have found it easiest to get this from Foreflight web rather than mobile.

2. Verify the Data: Ensure that the track logs clearly show the takeoff and/or landing on Runway 5/23.

3. Submit Your Logs: Send your verified track logs to save523atkauw@gmail.com

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH THIS PROCESS, reach out to Wyatt or Amanda at 715-845-3400 or by email to save523atKAUW@gmail.com

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