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Make a plan for severe weather

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Make a plan for severe weather

Know what to do when encountering severe weather when driving.

April 12, 2024 9:23 AM CDT

By: Lisa M. Hale

BROWN COUNTY, WI – (WISS & WGBW) – Severe Weather Awareness Week takes place from April 8th through April 12th. Brown County Director of Emergency Management Daniel Kane said you need three things to prepare for severe weather: a plan for what to do and where to go in severe weather, an emergency kit, and most importantly being informed what weather terms mean.

“A watch means that conditions are present for severe weather to impact you,” said Kane. “A warning means, get ready to take action. A warning means take action now.”

Kane said planning is important for all scenarios, including at work, school or at home. He also said to prepare for situations that are out of the ordinary, like encountering severe weather when driving.

“If you are in the path of a tornado and it’s coming at you, if there’s no low-lying areas around you, pull over to the side of the road, duck, and cover inside of your vehicle,” said Kane. “If there is a low-lying ditch in your area, it’s recommended that you can get in that low-lying area outside of your vehicle and lay low in the low-lying space. Never, ever, ever go under an overpass.”

Kane says overpasses do not provide any protection against the winds and destructive force of a tornado.

Severe Weather Awareness Week happens in April. However, Kane said, a majority tornadoes, thunderstorms and the related hail and flooding that may come with them occurs in June and July.

Kane recommends residents have a NOAA Weather Radio or install weather apps on smartphones to ensure notification in the event of a tornado or other weather emergency.

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