"What you say, times how many times you say it, is the only thing that works in advertising today" -- Dave Gifford

"Elements of a Successful Ad"

  • Specific offer to sell
  • Price
  • Feature of product/service
  • Your voice
  • On-going theme over time
  • Benefit to listener
  • Copy tells listener how to respond
  • Add urgency
  • Testimonial from customer
  • Include promotion
  • Hook/Humor
  • Your slogan/positioning statement
  • Musical logo

* Try not to run ads with fewer than 8 of these elements!

"How to make Your Commercial Work"
(Be sure your ad answers each of these questions)

1.) Whom are you talking to?
2.) What do you want your potential customers to know?
3.) What proof is there your message is true?
4.) Emotionally, how will your potential customer benefit?
5.) What do you want you potential customer to do when they find out?

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